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Why the Logo - concept for Tablelands Wildlife Rescue

The concept for the logo was inspired by the role of wildlife rescue, the main animals in its care, and location of the service.

SNAKE: when viewed as if looking at a landscape, the snake forms the Tablelands Mountains which rise up from the flat sweeping plain below. The snake's outline also forms a general impression of a map of Australia, with the focus on Queensland near the snake's head.

SUN: between the mountains is a yellow circle which represents the sun and a new day of hope for rescued animals in the Tablelands.

CROSS: the red cross represents the first aid, care and hospitalisation of rescued animals in the Tablelands.

ANIMALS: the bird, snake, possum and kangaroo/wallaby represent a selection of animals in the care of Tablelands Wildlife Rescue.

Community support

Tablelands Wildlife Rescue requires community understanding, support and action. This logo aims to appeal to those people living within the Tablelands region who are of any age, gender or cultural background. It is simplistic in its depiction of what wildlife rescue is all about.

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